What is Firmawear:

Firmawear is active shapewear that provides passive therapeutic benefits to the wearer. From increased circulation to enhanced tissue health, Firmawear will help you look and feel great!

How does it work?

Firmawear is a special fabric that has active biocrystals woven into it. These biocrystals receive infared radiation (heat) given off by the wearer’s body.firma1

It Radiates

Biocrystals in the fabric re-emit infared energy taken from the body at an optimized wavelength for therapeutic effectsfirma4

It Penetrates

FIR energy penetrates 4-5cm below the skin surface, affecting all muscles, nerves, and blood vessels in range.

Improved Blood Microcirculation

Active biocrystals hold heat and stimulate microirculation by reflecting the heat back into the body, causing a warming circulatory effect.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue

FIRMA also works as a recovery garment. FIRMA’S microcirculation effects hel muscle tissue transport and synthesize lactic acid more quickly, leading to the quicker recovery of sore muscles and less lasting pain.

Anti-Cellulite Effects

Clinical trials and studies have been done to prove that FIRMA can reduce the appearance of cellulite with continuous wear. In a study where people wore FIRMA for at least 6 hours per day for 30 days, the average participant lost between 2-5 inches in measurement after the month-long trial.

Improved Thermoregulationfirma 2

The active biocrystals in FIRMA absorb your body heat and help to regulate small flucuations in your body temperature, helping you to feel cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold temperatures with proper attire.